kateoplis: “Locate her biggest flaw: her eyes look squished on her forehead. She...


“Locate her biggest flaw: her eyes look squished on her forehead. She doesn’t eat meat. Her favorite author is Thoreau. Recognize that this, crazy, little thing is what makes her character pop. Understand it, process it, and then tell her that it’s okay. Don’t try to change her, ever. Remind her that everyone has something. Mushrooms give you goose bumps and you sleep with a night light –you’ll struggle to admit.

When she drops her overflowing glass of Pinot Grigio onto the floor and the mini- kaleidoscope pieces of glass surround you, watch for her to try pick them up and then, pick her up. Look at her straight into her hourglass eyes and laugh, laugh until the sound bounces off the wooden walls and you are officially the loudest people in this overpriced bar. Then, hold her close and tell her you absolutely adore her and her gorgeously clumsy ways. Tell her that you’ve never met anyone like her in the world; and mean it. Mean it terribly so.”

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"If I never see you again I will always carry you inside outside on my fingertips and at brain edges and in centers centers of what I am of what remains."

Charles Bukowski (via femme-ex-machina)

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"People talk about sexual assault like it’s a bad habit that men have."

Jon Stewart (via pnasty)

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"My last piece of advice is this simple… Persevere. Because nothing worthwhile is easy."

President Obama, in his commencement address at Barnard College today (via barackobama)

My mom said almost this exact thing to me last summer. I keep hearing her voice in my head encouraging me to keep going when I feel I can’t. Apparently Obama’s been listening to my mom too.

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Where is the Love?

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reblogging myself for relevance. 

reblogging myself for relevance. 

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"Ann Romney came from very comfortable circumstances, married into a wealthy family, and has never had to worry about having to leave the house to work precisely because her husband made a career of purchasing businesses, stripping them of their assets, and putting the employees out of work in return for exorbitant fees for a job well done. Ann Romney was diagnosed with MS when her sons were 28, 27, 24, 21, and 16 and she was diagnosed with breast cancer ten years later when the boys had presumably moved out and started families and careers on their own, no doubt trading on the family name and connections. And Ann Romney was afforded the best medical care available for her terrible illnesses because her husband made all of that money putting people out of work and undoubtedly many of those same people who lost their livelihoods also lost whatever meager health benefits they might have had when the plant closed down, the pensions were looted and, in some cases, the town died."

TBogg: The Umbrage Game (via azspot)

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I have so much I want to say

about a lot of things, but in particular about race and racism and humanity and human decency and the word “save” 

but right now I need to study

Like my future depends on it, because it does

I want to be a doctor, and in order for that to happen, I can’t sit down and write about things that I think and feel and deem relevant, not until after May 9th. 

so in the mean time, here are some words from other people, that I hope you’ve already read/watched, but if you haven’t, please do. 

The White Savior Industrial Complex

GOOD: We Were Offered 10-Minutes With Bono; Why We Didn’t Care

The decline of American Nationalism: Why We Love to Hate KONY2012

Shoot First, Ask Questions Later: The History of Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law 

If I Had A Son, He’d Look Like Trayvon

Bryan Stevenson: We Need To Discuss An Injustice


A Class Divided

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