"Rarely, if ever, are any of us healed in isolation. Healing is an act of communion."

bell hooks All About Love - New Visions

"Although we all want to know love, we talk about the search for true love as though it is always and only a solitary quest. I am disturbed by the weighty emphasis on self in so much New Age writing on the topic, and in our culture as a whole. When I would talk about my yearning for a loving partner, people told me over and over that I did not need anyone else. They would say I did not need a companion and/or a circle of loved ones to feel complete, that I should be complete inside myself. While it is definitely true that inner contentedness and a sense of fulfillment can be there whether or not we commune in love with others, it is equally meaningful to give voice to that longing for communion. Life without communion in love with others would be less fulfilling no matter the extent of one’s self-love.
All over the world people live in intimate daily contact with one another. They wash together, eat and sleep together, face challenges together, share joy and sorrow. The rugged individual who relies on no one else is a figure who can only exist in a culture of domination where a privileged few us more of the world’s resources that the many who must daily do without. Worship of individualism has in part led use to the unhealthy culture of narcissism that is so all pervasive in our society."

bell hooks All About Love - New Visions

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"To live consciously we have to engage in critical reflection about the world we live in and know most intimately."

bell hooks

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