Ask and you shall receive.

Y’all didn’t believe I can’t rub my lips together when I put on lip stuff.

Well here is the evidence.

I love you. so hard. 

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    I love you. so hard.
  2. bostongrits said: Heh. You. Are. Erything.
  3. slightly said: you are so great
  4. ackb said: Servicey! I read that earlier and had no idea what the hell it meant. (you’re super cute!)
  5. cannelledusoleil said: You are just the cutest!
  6. lorettalove said: OMG you are literally the cutest person on this planet.
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  8. gohelengo said: Haha you are adorable!
  9. chiquorinha said: If it makes you feel better, I can’t wiggle my toes. At all. (My brother likes to troll me by taking his shoes and wiggling his toes in my general direction. -__-)